The Chosen :: A Buffy virtual series continuation

Xander Harris

Xander's life post-Sunnydale began with more than his share of bumps. Besides the horror of his lost eye, Xander also found himself unable to get a job in construction due to the injury. To make matters worse, he found himself falling into a dark depression over Anya's death.

With help, Xander was able to come to terms with many of his losses. He has been taking carpentry and woodworking jobs around Trillium, saving money to open his own business. Although still shying away from any romantic prospects, despite a few interested parties, the thought of dating no longer fills Xander with dread, and he thinks that's a good development.

In the final battle against the Assemblage, Xander was quite vocal and put his foot down against Giles' desires to keep him out of the fight for his own safety and made it quite clear that he won't allow himself to be pushed to the sidelines. Indeed, he played a vital strategic role in the conflict, but whether this was far enough from the sidelines for Xander's tastes remains to be seen.

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