The Chosen :: A Buffy virtual series continuation

Rupert Giles

With the old Watcher's Council in ruins and a world full of Slayers to now train, Giles has taken on the task of running a new Council based in Trillium, with the Scoobies functioning as something of an "inner circle". The new Council, in many respects, bears little resemblance to its original incarnation, adopting a considerably more humanitarian view toward the Slayers. However despite the necessity of the Council and the good that they do, Giles has been feeling the pressures of being the leader of such a powerful organization – particularly one ultimately responsible for so many lives.

These feelings were only made worse when, unknown to anyone but his ex-wife Hannah, Giles was forced to torture a young enemy Slayer for vital information. The full extent and repercussions of this decision have yet to be seen, but it's clear that his actions are haunting him.

During the final assault on the Assemblage, Giles was present when its leader Robespierre was burned alive (by Madrigan, although Giles doesn't know this). Before Robespierre died, he insisted that Giles protect something, but was unable to say what before the flames overtook him. All Giles knows for certain is that their victory was a muted one at best.

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