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Hannah Giles

It was something of a surprise to the Scoobies when it was revealed that Hannah was Giles' ex-wife. The two met when they were around 18, while Hannah was attending Oxford and before Giles committed himself fully to the Watcher's Council. They were married not long after, but when the Council learned of the marriage, they had it annulled, given that such a union was forbidden by individuals seeking to become a Slayer's Watcher. Additionally, the Council all but threatened Hannah to leave England, claiming that her mere presence would distract Giles from his duty. Much to Giles' shock, Hannah agreed. She refused to allow him to come with her, recoginzing a darkness in him that would require the focused and steady hand of the Council to fully manage. Furious with Hannah for this decision, he refused to speak to her for six years.

Hannah's return to Giles' life came at his request for her to join him on "security" matters. Exactly what that entails is unclear, however Hannah is clearly an above-average fighter with knowledge of torture techniques and no compunction about using them. All that has been revealed about her past from the time she left Oxford and when she arrived in Trillium is that she finished college in Switzerland with a degree in accounting, and that most recently she was a bounty hunter, accepting contacts on demons and enhanced humans such as witches and even Slayers.

Although not involved romantically, it's clear that Hannah still has strong feelings for Giles. Most times, she seems content to simply play the roles of confidante and devil's advocate, while working hard to ensure that Giles doesn't always take himself too seriously.

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