The Chosen :: A Buffy virtual series continuation

Tara Maclay

Shot and killed by a stray bullet two years previous, Tara arrived in Trillium, alive and otherwise well – save for the nature of her return. Tara had been brought back by Madrigan, the leader of the Shrouded Circle. Madrigan showed Tara what Willow had done after the shooting, and convinced her that now Willow was more powerful, it was only a matter of time before the redhead succumbed to it again. Believing that the only way to save Willow's soul was to kill her, Tara was sent to Trillium. However she became convinced that Willow was strong enough to resist falling once more, and refused to go through with it. As a result, it was Tara who nearly died at Madrigan's hands, but Willow interceded and magickally severed Tara's connection to the Circle. The only remnants of Tara's link to the group is the scar over her heart in the shape of their symbol.

Unknown to both Tara and Willow, this new connection between them appears to have been Madrigan's true purpose all along. In addition, he further manipulated the two of them to face their past and their fears, ensuring they will work together magicakally in the future. His reasoning is as yet unknown.

It seems that much of Tara's death and return remains cloudy, as evidenced by an old witch named Ruth, who contacted Tara. Ruth clearly has knowledge of Tara, even referring to her as something called "The Curat", although with the more immediate threat of the Assemblage at hand, no further details concerning this have yet been revealed.

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