The Chosen :: A Buffy virtual series continuation

Buffy Summers

After the collapse of Sunnydale Buffy became a world traveller, moving restlessly throughout Europe, enjoying her new destiny-free existence and doing her best to find what it is she now wanted in her life. It wasn't long before Buffy realized all she really wanted was waiting for her at home, with her friends and family in Trillium.

Buffy returned to mixed (and somewhat complicated) reactions, as the unhealed wounds from the past few years festered and finally exploded. Forced to confront feelings both latent and surpressed, Buffy is able to move beyond the pain and is enjoying having her family whole and together again.

With her status as one of the oldest living (and certainly most experienced) Slayers, Buffy puts her skills to good use in teaching the next generation. Now that her duty to defend the world is shared on several hundred shoulders, Buffy's life is finally open to more than fighting and the promise of an early, messy death ... although it seems Buffy herself has yet to fully realize this.

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