The Chosen :: A Buffy virtual series continuation

Willow Rosenberg

This past year has been a complicated one for Willow. Between her world-ending foray into the deepest dark magicks and the unknown strength of the light magicks used in the final battle of Sunnydale, Willow's power levels were not only unchartable, but also unpredictable. With so much power at her disposal, Willow found herself unable to reliably perform magickal acts requiring fine control or precise measures, although big spells were only too easy.

But things were destined to become even more confusing. Much to everyone's surprise, Tara returned, alive and seemingly as she had been just before her death. It was eventually revealed that Tara had been manipulated into believing that she had to kill Willow in order to save her soul. When Tara failed to do so, Willow was forced to use her powers to save Tara's life. As a result, a powerful (and as yet, not entirely explained) magickal connection was forged between them.

Unknown to any of the Scoobies, it appears that this connection and not Willow's death was the ultimate goal of Madrigan, the one behind Tara's resurrection. Additionally, it seems extremely important to Madrigan that Willow and Tara work together magickally, although again, he has twisted situations to make it seem as though what he truly wants is the opposite, leaving neither witch with any insight into his true desires.

Now reunited with Tara, Willow is finding a new level of control over her powers, and the confidence that comes with that, although the threat of darkness remains ever-present and unforgotten.

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