The Chosen :: A Buffy virtual series continuation


Faith had been enjoying her "liberation" from prison life and taken her status as a trainer of new Slayers to heart. In particular, Faith was befriended by and became quite attached to an enthusiastic young Slayer named Hazel. Hazel idolized Faith, which was a new experience for the Slayer. But seeing Hazel's heroic nature and actions – actions which she claimed to have learned from Faith herself – only further endeared her, and convinced Faith of her place with the Council and her new duties.

Which only made Hazel's sacrifice for Faith all the more tragic. When Judith (an enemy Slayer and former member of the Council's group) attacked, Hazel gave her life for Faith. Faith was incensed and focused on nothing but avenging Hazel's death. She finally got her chance and snapped Judith's neck, although at the time Judith was beaten, depowered, and no threat whatsoever.

Shaken by the wounds she incurred during the battle, Faith could only wonder at the lack of satisfaction she felt at the death.

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