The Chosen :: A Buffy virtual series continuation


Now that Willow is no longer a romantic possibility, Kennedy has turned the bulk of her attentions toward her next great love: Slaying. Despite how hard she tried however, Kennedy could never shake the feeling that she would always be overshadowed by her predecessors. Whereas Buffy and Faith were the "natural" Slayers, Kennedy was simply one of hundreds – perhaps the most talented one of hundreds, at least in Kennedy's eyes, but still just another face in the crowd.

Kennedy strives for more.

Recognizing her talents, derived from both a lifetime of training and her natural abilities, Giles offered Kennedy the chief Slayer role at the newly opening European branch of the Watcher's Council, headquartered in England. Kennedy accepted, although pledging to Willow that she would always be available when needed.

Kennedy has every confidence in herself and her abilities to truly shine, away from the shadows of her elder Slayers. Of course, she hasn't actually started classes yet ...

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