The Chosen :: A Buffy virtual series continuation

Dawn Summers

For the first time in a long while, Dawn finds herself in a stable, if somewhat extended, family unit. This is a source of great comfort, but also great irritation, as Dawn has to constantly push to remind Buffy that she's growing up. Buffy finally acknowledged Dawn's place as a full-fledged, official Scooby, but even with the title Dawn finds it's hard to get her sister to stop treating her like a kid.

In the "real world", however, things are looking up for Dawn. She has a group of good friends, even if they're a bit single-minded sometimes in that special teenage girl way. Dawn even has a romantic prospect in Grip, and is enjoying all that entails.

But there's still more to Dawn than meets the eye. She began to experience a rash of headaches for a time, although after a bizarre "dream" (as classified by Dawn), the headaches vanished without a trace. There was no more odd behaviour until the Council was preparing to do battle with the Assemblage. Willow and Tara, having difficulty in opening a portal large enough to teleport the Council's army, were joined by Dawn. The teenager, acting under Ruth's encouragement, was able to create the portal, although at obvious strain to herself. Dawn seems none the worse for wear, although amidst the celebration of the Council's victory, she seemed content for the moment to keep her involvement to herself.

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