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8x01: Crossroads New town. New rules. Same old Hellmouth. What the gang have been up to since they stood on the edge of the crater formally known as Sunnydale and wondered what to do next.
8x02: Human NatureA political activist group decides to take matters into their own hands. Their methods are more than a little radical.
8x03: Hide & SeekA new threat seems to be causing Slayers to disappear around the world, and relationships around Slayer Central are becoming strained.
8x04: The Name of the GameThe gang take some muchly needed downtime, but such things rarely go as planned on the Tri-Mouth.
8x05: FringesSomeone close to home has their eye firmly set on the Scooby gang.
8x06: Where the Heart isBuffy finds that coming home isn't quite as easy as she expected, but life rarely slows down just to let you play catchup.
8x07: Inside OutIn the wake of the devastating attack on Willow, the Scoobies have a lot of emotion to vent. The question becomes, where to vent it?
8x08: RefrainSome new arrivals in town have their attentions fixed on Xander and Giles.
8x09: Ex Post FactoThe Scoobies reflect on choices made and choices yet to come.
8x10: Waxing and WaningOz's arrival in Trillium may not be such a good thing when people start dying from vicious animal attacks.
8x11: Hard Day's NightThe demons of Trillium are mad as hell, and they're not gonna take it any more.
8x12: Loves, Labor, LostLove's looking for the Scoobies in all the wrong places.
8x13: The Inward EyeThe return of someone from the past should be cause for celebration, but not everyone agrees and things aren't always what they seem.
8x14: FulcrumSomething appears wrong with Xander, and without him, tensions between Buffy and Willow are reaching critical overload.
8x15: Second ChancesTara decides she must finally take action, but what is her goal and can the Scoobies forgive her?
8x16: JigsawOne crisis averted, and the gang attempts to go on with their normal lives. Whatever that means for them.
8x17: The WrenA strange phenomenon puts Dawn in unfamiliar territory with some familiar faces.
8x18: Separate TablesGiles and Hannah reflect on their past as the Scoobies consider the present and future.
8x19: Aid & AbetAn offer of help and information sends Tara and Kennedy on a road trip to the Great White North. Assuming they can survive each other long enough to make it.
8x20: ExchangesThe Scoobies prepare to take on the Assemblage, but are they already too late?
8x21: DualityMadrigan assaults Willow and Tara on a battlefield neither are prepared to confront: their own minds.
8x22: Win, Lose or DrawThe explosive final confrontation. Plans versus plans, magick versus magick, and Slayer versus Slayer.

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