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8x21 - 'Duality'


Story by: Jet Wolf and Ultrace
Scripted by: Jet Wolf
Prose by: Novareinna and Jet Wolf

Premiering: Monday, 6 December 2004, 6pm EST

On the next all-new episode of The Chosen ...

What we think we love and hate...

Willow is walking through an area of complete pitch blackness. She is visible, but nothing else is.
She stops short, alarmed when she hears the sounds of someone crying.
Willow: Tara?
The crying is replaced by a malevolent laugh and the sound of a sceam.

...what we think we fear and cherish...

Tara, standing in an identical blackness, looking around in confusion.
Tara: Willow? Willow, can you hear me?
She finds a mirror, hanging in the nothingness, and we see Willow behind it, in the distance.
Tara extends a nervous, tentative hand toward it, then jerks away suddenly with a gasp.
Willow (V.O.): Hey baby. Miss me? all in the mind.

A series of images:
Giles striking a vicious blow; Dawn thrown violently against a wall; Willow and Tara ripped in opposite directions by some force;
Buffy, eyes wide, as she begins to burn; Tara walking seductively toward Willow, who backs away fearfully;
Xander's face a mask of complete horror and disbelief; Faith looking as though she is vengeance personified;
Dark Willow with a cruel and twisted smile.

Willow and Tara whirl around to see Madrigan standing behind them.
Madrigan: Miss Rosenberg. Miss Maclay. Welcome.

That's the problem.

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