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8x18 - 'Separate Tables'

"Separate Tables"

Story by: Jet Wolf, Novarinna and Ultrace
Written by: Jet Wolf and Novareinna
Edited by: Jet Wolf and Novareinna

Premiering: Monday, 1 November 2004, 8pm EST
Additional poster artwork: Amy Mebberson

Next week, on an all-new episode of The Chosen ...

The things that keep us together ...

At the Vortex. All the girls are sitting at several tables that have been squished together. They're laughing and clearly having a good time.
Dissolve to Xander Giles, Wood and Andrew at a table in a sports bar, chatting animatedly.
Dissolve to Buffy, Tara, Willow, Kennedy and Faith standing shoulder-to-shoulder, all ready for a fight.

... and the things that keep us apart ...

Cut to a shot of Xander and Giles on a dark street. Xander grabs Giles' arm and Giles cocks his fist back as though to throw a punch.
Cut to Willow and Tara having an intense conversation. They both look up as Kennedy appears, grinning down at Willow meaningfully.
Cut to Buffy and Xander at home, exchanging harsh words.
Cut to a shot of Giles sitting on the floor of his loft. He's obviously been drinking.

... aren't always different. The present ...

On the second floor of the Vortex, Buffy, Kennedy and Faith look out over the crowds of people below.
Dawn and Hazel sit at their own table, watching the others from across the room with some animosity.

... meets the future ...

Tara sits at a table alone, looking down at the floor below, where Kennedy and Willow are dancing. Her expression becomes angry.
Xander watches as Giles turns and walks away from him without looking back.
Buffy (V.O.): It's the Giles thing.

... and the past.

Cut to the Vortex. All the girls are huddled around and focused intently on Hannah.
Faith: C'mon, Mrs. G. Enquiring minds wanna know.
Hannah grins.

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