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8x16 - 'Jigsaw'


Story by: Jet Wolf and Ultrace
Scripted by: Jet Wolf and Ultrace
Prose by: Novareinna

Premiering: Tuesday, 21 September 2004, 8pm EST

Next week, on an all-new episode of The Chosen ...

One crisis may be over ...

Shot of Giles walking around Willow and Tara, who are sitting on the floor across from each other in the Sanctum.
Both are visibly flaring with power, but wildly and erratically.
Giles: Most interesting.
Willow: Less with the interesting here. More with the--
Tara: --the ow.
Willow nods emphatically, a worried look on her face.

... but there are plenty more ready to take its place.

A huge, hulking gray demon steps out of the shadows, a cruel but highly intelligent gleam in its eye.
Demon: Slayer. I like the sound of that.
Buffy, Faith and Kennedy look up, a hint of fear in their expressions.
Buffy: Run!

Just when it looks like things are coming together ...

Cut to a shot of Xander and Tara sitting at a table in a restaurant.
Xander: I got a question for you. An' I know it's gonna sound weird, but it's important.
Tara: Weird but important, sounds about right for us.
Xander: Where you were ... Was Anya there? when they're most likely to fall apart.

Shot of Willow walking through the halls of Slayer Central. Willow looks miserable.
Willow (V.O.): She's going out to look for her own apartment this afternoon. She hates me. Tara doesn't want anything to do with me.
Willow tentatively walks into a room. Kennedy is lying on the bed and looks up, surprised.
Kennedy: But what does that mean for us?

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