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8x13 - 'The Inward Eye'

"The Inward Eye"

Story by: Jet Wolf and Ultrace
Script by: Jet Wolf
Prose by: Jet Wolf and Novareinna

Premiering: Tuesday, 31 August 2004, 8pm EST

Next week on an all-new episode of The Chosen...

Fade from black to shot of a blonde figure standing across the street.

A familiar face returns ...

Fade to black.
Willow (V.O.): Tara?

Fade from black to a closer shot of the blonde, who does indeed seem to perfectly resemble Tara.
Fade to Willow stepping out into the street, almost dreamlike, her eyes locked on something and unable to look away.
Fade to black.
Willow (V.O.): Baby?

...but can eyes and hearts...

Fade from black to Willow standing in the foyer talking to Dawn.
Willow: There's something you need to see.
Willow pulls the front door open. Dawn's eyes grow impossibly wide.
Dawn: Oh my god.
Fade to black.

Fade from black to Xander, looking compassionately at an angry Willow.
Xander: Tara's dead, Will.
Willow doesn't reply, she simply looks away.
Fade to black.

...always be trusted?

Fade from black to Buffy entering the dining room. She stops short, a shocked expression on her face.
Buffy (V.O.): You need to get away from it. Now.
Willow (V.O.): What? No.
Buffy (V.O.): NOW, Will!
Willow shoots to her feet, her fists clenched at her sides as she glares at Buffy, who is equally as furious.
Both refuse to step down and violence is only a heartbeat away.

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