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8x08 - 'Refrain'


Story by: Jet Wolf and Ultrace
Written by: Jet Wolf and Ultrace

Premiering: Tuesday, 22 June 2004, 8pm EST
Rerun: Tuesday, 17 August 2004, 8pm EST

Next week on an all new episode of The Chosen...

Sometimes the things we're most drawn to ...

Shot of Willow and Buffy, all smiles and clinking glasses in a nightclub.
Shot of Xander turning slowly, his eyes widening as he sees something behind him.
Shot of Giles staring out of the windows of his loft, a concerned expression on his face
as a blonde woman comes up behind him and puts her hand on his arm.

...are the things that can harm us the most...

Shot of Faith dancing in a nightclub with a very depressed Kennedy.
Faith: I think you need somethin' like that.
Faith points to a very attractive woman on the dance floor as Kennedy's eyes grow wide.

Shot of Willow, very much in magic mode. Her eyes and hair are jet black, and a cruel grin of enjoyment is etched on her face.
Willow: Think you can take me?
Willow raises her hands and grits her teeth, channelling power.

Shot of Dawn, backing away, shaking her head and looking afraid.
Dawn: Oh no ...

Shot of a gun, raising to a man's temple as he stands over the bloody body of a woman in the bed across from him.
Shot of Xander, his face blank as he reaches into a chest in the living room and pulls out an axe and stares at it.

The Chosen: A Buffy Virtual Season 8. Because the story's not done yet.

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