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8x04 - 'The Name of the Game'

"The Name of the Game"

Story by: Jet Wolf and Ultrace
Written by: Jet Wolf

Premiering: Tuesday, 27 April 2004, 8pm EST
Rerun: Tuesday, 8 June 2004, 8pm EST
Rerun: Tuesday, 19 October 2004, 8pm EST

Next week on an all-new episode of The Chosen...

Shot of Willow slumped in a chair in Giles' office.
Willow: Have you ... heard from Buffy?
Giles: Not a word.
Willow: I figured she'd, y'know, call or somethin'.

The Gang takes a little downtime...

Shot of Dawn and four other girls sitting on the lawn outside of the high school.
Jackie: Speaking of fun, I got my sister to pick us up a little something for tonight.
She opens her backpack to reveal a bottle of alcohol.
Dawn: No way. I'll be so dead they'll have to kill me and bring me back just to kill me again.
Jackie: Oh, lighten up, Summers!
Dawn's face falls.
Jackie (V.O.): Your sister's halfway around the world or something and you're still living under her shadow.

Shot of Dawn in the kitchen, preparing for some sort of party.
Dawn: Now you and Willow are leaving, right?
Xander: Yup. Will and Kenn'll be doin' their smoochy romantic dinner thing until late.

Shot of Kennedy and Willow at a restaurant table. Kennedy is raptly staring at Willow, thoroughly enjoying a mozzerella stick.
Kennedy: You're just ... so damned adorable, you know that?

Shot of Giles, Xander, Wood and Andrew sitting in a small, dimly-lit room at a poker table.
Xander (V.O.): And as for me, I have Manly Man Poker Night until all hours.
Andrew dramatically picks up a pile of chips and places them in the center of the table.
Andrew: Hate don't belong in a card game, but old man, I'm gonna take every grain of gold you have in front of you.

...But when you live in the Tri-Mouth, there's no such thing as a night off...

Shot of Dawn and her friends huddling against a wall, winds whipping about them like a storm as a ghostly figure approaches.
Blonde girl: Oh god!
Furniture is thrown around the room, caught in a maelstrom.
Brenda: We're all gonna die!

The ghost angrily whips its head around; standing in the doorway is Buffy.
Buffy: Hi, Honey. I'm home.

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