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8x02 - 'Human Nature'

"Human Nature"

Story by: Jet Wolf and Ultrace
Written by: Jet Wolf

Premiers: Tuesday, 13 April 2004, 8pm EST
Rerun: Tuesday, 25 May 2004, 8pm EST

Next week on an all new episode of The Chosen...

If the animals don't get you...

A shot of Buffy, her neck craning way back, facing a huge arachnoid adversary.
Buffy: Wow, you're...large. Large...spider...thing. There's never a giant shoe around when you need one.

Cut to a young man carving into a tree. He looks behind him and screams.

...the trees will.

Cut to Willow talking to someone at school.
Woman: The trees are our sisters, our mothers, our daughters. They cry out in pain, yet people never hear them.
Willow: It's kinda creepy, actually, but yeah. I can see what you mean.

Cut to Dawn and Willow looking up at a dark substance oozing from a broken tree limb.
Dawn: That's... That's sap, right?
Willow: I don't think so...

Cut to Xander standing outside a lumberyard, facing an angry woman.
Woman: Do you plan to enter this slaughter house, to purchase the lifeblood, the heart and soul of Mother Earth?
Xander: That sounds a liiiittle bit out of my price range.

In the Tri-mouth area, activists have a way of making their voices heard...

Cut to Xander and Giles nervously backing away from a large group of advancing protestors.
Woman: You reek of the spilled essence!
Giles: Xander, remind me to never again ask you for a favor when we get out of this.
Xander: Hey, the night's looking up already.

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