The Chosen :: A Buffy virtual series continuation

Welcome [your name here] to The Chosen. By coming to this page, we are assuming that you are looking for a brief primer that will give you all the basic info you need to jump feet first into the world we have created. Consequently, there are huge spoilers here, not only for previous episodes of The Chosen, but for the show which spawned it, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you do not wish to be spoiled, turn back now. And please consider taking the time to read the episodes – you'll enjoy it better discovering it for yourself rather than being spoiled in a few paragraphs.

For those of you still with us, here are the high points that you should probably know:

  • The Chosen adheres to any and all events as portrayed in the television show for which it is a continuation. If it appeared in an episode, it happened in the Chosenverse. However, none of the events in Angel's fifth season apply here – a necessity, as our cast never split up and drifted apart to the four corners of the world.

  • The first episode, "Crossroads" picks up approximately four months after the end of the Buffy episode "Chosen". This places its time frame at around late August 2003, despite the fact that the episode itself did not premier until April 2004. Events since that point, then, are occurring in the real-time "past". (In other words, the date the episodes "aired" is not the date the episode is set.)

  • After the collapse of Sunnydale, Buffy and her surviving friends and family relocated to Trillium, Pennsylvania. There, they have established a school affectionately referred to as "Slayer Central", where new Slayers and Watchers are trained. Trillium, for reasons as yet unknown, has been siphoning energies from three nearby Hellmouths, falling in the center of a "Bermuda Triangle" of evil badness.

  • The Scoobies, after some work, have resolved many of their outstanding, unresolved issues. The sins of the past few years have been forgiven, and they are now closer than ever.

  • In an arrival the shocked everyone, Tara returned to the gang. She was resurrected by a group called "The Shrouded Circle" (although she doesn't know exactly who they were) who manipulated her into believing she had to kill Willow to save Willow's soul. Tara almost did just that, but stopped at the last moment when she realized Willow did, in fact, have control over her power after all. After several painful months of estrangement, Tara and Willow have reconciled.

  • Giles has asked Kennedy to head up the Slayer side of a new Watcher's Council branch in London. Kennedy quickly seized upon the opportunity, anxious to prove herself as much as Slayer as Buffy and Faith if not more so, and having few reasons to remain in Trillium after her and Willow's separation. Wood has also relocated to London, and deals with the more mundane paperwork side of things.

  • During her time working at Slayer Central, Faith mentored and was befriended by an enthusiastic and idealistic young girl named Hazel. When the group was attacked by one of the Super Slayers – a traitor by the name of Judith – Hazel sacrificed her life to save Faith. Faith become bent on revenge. In the final battle she got it, killing Judith at a point where the girl was depowered, beaten, and ostensibly helpless. Faith was surprised to find that Judith's death did not, in fact, make her feel at all better.

  • A group lead by an ex-Council Member named Robespierre was assembling an army of magickally enhanced Slayers in a bid to infiltrate and take over all the world's governments. The magick-portion of the plan was perpetrated by a mage named Madrigan – the guy who resurrected Tara – who in actuality had no interest in Robespierre's grand designs and eventually betrayed him. Why or exactly what Madrigan gained out of the allegiance is still unknown, although it clearly revolves around something called "The Antediluvian".

These details should be enough to get you started, but by no means encapsulate everything – we've got 22 episodes full of Chosen goodness, after all. If your interest is peaked, then consider starting at the beginning and reading through the other episodes first. You'll probably be glad you did.

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