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TITLE: I Think It's Going To Rain Today
AUTHOR: Ray Harley
DISCLAIMER: Everything belongs to other people, either Joss' crew, or Jet Wolf's. I'm playing nice - honest!
SUMMARY: It's just a wee few thoughts I was inspired to write based on the thoughts of the those the gang are going to visit at the memorial sapling.
AN: The title is shared by a song written by Randy Newman sung, in this instance, by Katie Melua on her CD Call Off the Search. The characters shouldn't be too hard to spot, if you've followed the Buffyverse through to the end of season 8. See if you can spot them anyway.

I Think It's Going To Rain Today
by Ray Harley

Here the sun shines every day
For here there is now winter
No skies of grey

Here is where we listen to their voices
Here is where we listen to them cry
How we wish they'd laugh

She reads to me every day
She knows not the smile I bear
She looks around her, as if to fly
She hopes no one will her espy
Oh, how I wish she'd laugh

Here I can see her grown
And think I she's so fine
Here I come to listen to their voices
And smile when they talk to him
Oh, how I wish they'd laugh

Does he know how much I loved him?
Does he know how much I hurt?
Does he know how much I loved him?
Does he know how brave I think him?
How much I'd pay to hear him laugh?

I heard him cry so quietly today
As I heard him voice his fears
I wish he knew I liked her
How I wish he'd laugh again
It's so a sound I'd cherish

And one by one we pass in the sunshine
How we wish for a sky of grey
The laughter behind the tears

And whisper to each other
As she whispers to us, "I dunno,
I think it's going to rain today."

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