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TITLE: Never Say Goodbye
AUTHOR: Ray Harley
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SUMMARY: The time has for Kennedy to leave.

Never Say Goodbye
by Ray Harley

Her mind full of Willow, Kennedy sat alone in the kitchen of Slayer Central, nursing a mug of coffee, taking little notice of it's rapidly cooling status.

Little notice was taken either of a figure sitting down opposite her. Eventually though her eyes clued in and she nodded in acknowledgement of Tara's presence. Tara watched her for a couple of minutes before speaking.

"Can I get you another one of those?"

Kennedy didn't even bother to shrug. Gently Tara pried the nearly cold mug from the Kennedy's hands. This accomplished she stood and made for the cupboards, looking for something to warm the slayer's mood.

Though she knew the answer Tara asked her how long it was to her scheduled departure. Kennedy looked at her watch, then frowned. She looked up at Tara as if registering the witch's solitary presence for the first time.

"Shouldn't you be with Willow?"

As Tara shrugged, Kennedy wondered how she could bear to be parted from her. She knew, at that moment, that it was going to be a lot harder than she could ever admit to be so far from the redhead. She wondered for another moment whether that was why she'd accepted the european mission.

She shook her head. She'd thought herself reconciled but..?

She jumped as a steaming mug of chocolate, complete with little marshmallows, was pushed into her hands. She looked puzzled as she glanced into Tara's face. The witch smirked and nodded.

"There's no problem that can't be relieved by chocolate."


Kennedy glowered, trying to be angry at Tara's presumption.

"What are you doing here?"

Still trying manfully to keep up her ire, Kennedy noticed Tara inadvertently glance over her shoulder. She looked behind her.

There was nothing there.

Turning back Tara motioned for her to drink. Kennedy dutifully sipped from the mug. She managed a small smile. It was good. Then she remembered who'd made it for her and frowned once more.

"It's harder than you expected isn't it? Saying goodbye I mean?"

Kennedy pondered this for a moment and took another sip from her chocolate. She nodded. It was better than be forced to answer the query. She'd been utterly unable to sleep this last night at Slayer Central. Her mind was just too full of Willow. Trying to repress a sigh she took another sip and gathered her courage.

"Jamais parole au revoir."

A puzzled expression crossed Tara's face. Kennedy was about to offer an explanation when Tara waved a hand.

"Oh, I understand what you said. It's what you meant that's the matter."

"My grandma told me that," she told her, after another sip of the chocolate. She used the little spoon to pop a few of the marshmallows into her mouth before adding," She told me that my grandad said that to her before he left for Viet-Nam."

"Does it work?"

Unwilling to tell the rest of that story Kennedy just allowed herself a shrug - and another sip of the chocolate. It really was good. She watched as Tara turned away and replaced the sachets of chocolate in the cupboard. She studied her as she washed the long deceased coffee mug out.

She tried to think bad things of her, but found she couldn't.

It was very frustrating.

As she drank some more of the chocolate Tara began to sing a lullaby. She listened to the soft voice as it filled the previously bleak kitchen with it's beauty - and thought of her grandma, who'd always had a song for her when she was little.

It was an unwanted thought. Kennedy returned her focus to Tara. She recalled when she had wanted nothing more than to hate the witch. She let out a long sigh at the futile thought, and drank some more of the chocolate.

And cleared a few more of the marshmallows.

Tara turned and smiled at her. Despite herself Kennedy returned it. For all her intentions she had grown fond of the witch. There was just something about her that was hard to dislike.

Kennedy smiled again and drank some more chocolate. She even permitted herself a small chuckle, which made Tara arch an eyebrow. They sat in a companionable silence as Kennedy drank until Tara gave her warm smile whilst Kennedy downed the remainder of her chocolate in one go - complete with the few remaining marshmallows.

"Time to go?"

Kennedy nodded and they both stood. She made to shake Tara's hand and found herself pulled into a warm hug. To her surprise she found herself returning it.

"Look after-," she was cutoff by Tara kissing her on the cheek. After a few seconds surprised silence Kennedy confessed," I tried so hard to hate you." She started to turn away, then added," I think I understand why Willow loves you."

She was about to say goodbye when Tara made a hushing gesture.

"Jamais parole au revoir."

Tara gave her another warm smile and took the mug from her hands. She turned away and made for the sink again. Kennedy smiled as Tara began washing the mug, and left the kitchen with Tara singing another tune.

It was still dark outside. She'd felt strongly that that was proper for her leavetaking. Giles and Robin Wood be taking a later flight and Hannah was still in England helping set up there.

Her mind beginning to fill with thoughts of her new job, Kennedy almost walked into the open car door. She glanced inside and saw Willow in the driver's seat.

"Need a lift?"

Kennedy turned as she heard a chuckle behind her. Dawn and Tara were watching her, as well as a couple of the junior slayers. One of them brought out a t-shirt with the legend 'Maggots United Can Never Be Divided'. She grinned and gave Chrissie a gentle shove.

Dawn gave her a hug and Tara just stood silently.

"You know I'll kill you if you make her unhappy." Tara nodded and smiled, whilst nodding at the car.

Kennedy smirked and sat down in the passenger seat. As she belted up she smiled at Willow and gave them all a brief, slightly embarrassed wave. Then she turned her attention back to the driver, and nodded.

Willow grinned and drove off.

By the time they reached the road Willow was babbling away like there was no tomorrow.

Kennedy just settled back and enjoyed.


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