The Chosen :: A Buffy virtual series continuation

The silver four-door sedan travelled smoothly along the blacktop freeway, the hum of its engine virtually non-existent. All that could be heard was a soulful song emanating from the stereo. The voice, much like its owner, was distinctive and unmistakable.

Well since my baby left me
I found a new place to dwell

The traffic on the highway was light but steady. The car itself was unremarkable, one of hundreds of models marketed as safe and economical; the perfect family transport. Its inhabitants, however, perhaps not the ideal nuclear family the manufacturers were targeting.

Faith's two-handed grip on the steering wheel was tight, her gaze fixated firmly upon the road ahead. Her face displayed no emotion save determination.

It's down the end of a lonely street
At Heartbreak Hotel

Next to her in the passenger seat, Xander's mouth moved. He was saying something, talking to Faith, who gave no indication that she heard. He appeared tired and frustrated as he continued to speak, his hands making small yet impassioned gestures.

You make me so lonely baby
I get so lonely

Faith finally responded by reaching forward and turning up the stereo volume.

I get so lonely I could die

Xander spoke again, asking a question. He waited for a reply but none was forthcoming. Faith continued to concentrate on the road before her and failed to even acknowledge the man sitting by her side.

And although it's always crowded
You still can find some room

Clearly angry now, Xander's mouth tightened into a thin line before he turned away, choosing to look out of the window rather than stare at the stony profile to his left. Faith showed no reaction either by word or deed and the pair drove in silence.

Where broken hearted lovers
Do cry away their gloom

Shifting in his seat, Xander adjusted the collar of his shirt. Initially, it seemed as though the action was for the sake of comfort, but then his head gave a certain familiar twitch and with curled upper lip, he began to sing.

You make me so lonely baby
I get so lonely

Whether a good vocal impression or bad, it was impossible to tell, but Xander's enthusiasm could not be doubted. Only the lack of room prevented him from giving as passionate and energetic a performance as The King himself. Even Faith was finally forced to relent. She glanced in Xander's direction and tossed him a sad smile for his effort. It was tiny and brief, but at least it was something.

I get so lonely I could die

Gathering speed, the car continued on its journey.

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