The Chosen :: A Buffy virtual series continuation

9x11: 'Beggars Would Ride'

"Beggars Would Ride"

Story by: Jet Wolf and Ultrace
Scripted by: Ultrace and Jet Wolf
Prosed by: Novareinna and Jet Wolf

Premiers: Tuesday, 25 October 2005, 8pm ET
Rerun: Tuesday, 26 May 2009, 10pm ET

On the next all-new episode of The Chosen ...

Xander Harris is having a nice, perfectly normal day.

Fade from black to a shot of Xander walking through the kitchen at his home. He holds his breakfast plate high as he skillfully dodges around Dawn and Buffy.
Cut to Xander sitting in the back seat of the car, listening as Buffy, Willow and Tara discuss something with much gusto.
Cut to Xander walking past Faith, Giles and Buffy in Slayer Central. He stops when Giles calls out to him.
Giles: Oh, Xander. I was wondering if you could help us with a demonstration. We're going to show the Junior Slayers how to kill a man in two blows.
Xander gets a vaguely bemused expression.

Or is he?

Xander (V.O.): I wanted it all.
Cut to Xander sitting at a bar, nursing a drink as he chats to the man next to him.
Xander: House. Fence. Wife. Two kids. Not the point-five though. That's just weird.
Man: Can't find Mrs. Right?
Xander: I thought I had.
Man: What was her name?
Xander: Anya.

Cut to Xander turning around to see Anya simply standing there, staring at him expectantly.

Cut to black.

Xander (V.O.): AAAHHHH!!!

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