The Chosen :: A Buffy virtual series continuation

First there was nothing.

Then there was everything.

There were no questions. It wasn't, then was.

That was okay.

Awareness of self didn't come for some time. Several seconds, or perhaps a millennium. The realization made it easier, which was interesting since before realization, nothing had been difficult.

There was death.

There was life.

That was okay too.

Scary, but okay.

Such pure green energy. It's so beautiful.

Oh, but the possibilities. The things that could be done, had been done, might be done someday. All of them experienced, all at the same time. Sometimes with a nudge here or a touch there; sometimes with the unignorable presence of inaction.

Right or wrong?


Was or wasn't, maybe? Locked and unlocked.


All that is certain is that its power is absolute.

Irrelevant, but better.

Caretakers? Amusing in concept. Tolerated through apathy. Always seeking to understand, never understanding they couldn't.

And battles. Monotonous battles. All for possession of what was impossible to own.

Laughable. If it were possible to laugh.

It doesn't matter how you got here or where you came from.

The idea intrigued. Be remade.

First, perhaps, a question. Finally a question.

There was no time.

And Dawn opened her eyes.

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