The Chosen :: A Buffy virtual series continuation

9x02: 'Legacy'


Story by: Jet Wolf and Ultrace
Scripted by: Jet Wolf
Prosed by: Novareinna

Premiers: Tuesday, 19 April 2005, 8pm ET

In two weeks, on an all-new episode of The Chosen ...

Fade from black to a crime scene photograph. There's a flash, and a second is overlayed on the first.
Another flash, and a third covers the previous two.
The details are largely obscured, but what we can see of the bodies, they're violently mutilated.
Dissolve to the Scoobies, sitting in the library, surrounded by books, maps, and newspapers. Deep in research mode.

The things we say ...

Faith (V.O.): Lots of bodies and death, huh?
The Scoobies all look up to see Faith in the doorway.
Faith: Some things never change.
Buffy: (Coldly) No, they really don't.

... and the things we do ...

We see an older man, bare-chested. Nearly every square inch of him is covered in tattoos of abstract, almost arcane symbols.
He holds up a bloody knife, twirling it thoughtfully. He grins.
Dissolve to Faith and Giles in his office.
Giles: Yes, actually. By the strictest definition of the word, that's precisely what you did.
You murdered Judith. Do you feel better for hearing me say it?
Faith: I don't know.

... at the end ...

The tattooed man is sitting on a park bench, throwing bread to some ducks.
He looks up to see Faith standing there.
Man: You're not ordinary little girls, are you?

... nothing else matters.

The Chosen: A Buffy Virtual Season 9. Because the story's not done yet.

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